Australian-Made Farm Sheds & Rural Sheds

Purpose-built farm sheds designed, manufactured, and built for Aussie Farmers with industry-leading quality.


Local Shed Solutions is a proud family-run business that has been producing top-quality steel solutions and farm sheds for over six decades. We design and build sheds specifically for farm applications, offering maximum strength and durability with farm sheds that are built to withstand the unpredictable Aussie climate.

With our customisable range of rural sheds, you can rest assured your farm equipment and assets are safe, dry and secure.

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Features of Local Shed Solutions Farm Sheds

Hay Sheds

With a range of custom sheds for sale, our goal is to keep your farm supplies dry and protected from the elements. Hay sheds come in different sizes and styles, offering flexibility for all farm needs. Hay sheds are the perfect farm storage solution, making them a popular choice for farms with livestock or large equipment.

Machinery Sheds

These large farm buildings provide versatile solutions for farmers looking to protect their farm machinery. The sturdy construction gives excellent security and protection from theft, vandalism or other damage.

Barn Sheds

These farm sheds are designed to provide a secure environment for farm animals, vehicles, and farm equipment - and shelter from the harsh Australian environment, predators, rodents, and pests. We also have the capacity to design and build custom high-end barn sheds in a variety of styles.

Skillion Sheds

A single-sloping skillion roof makes the ideal farm shed for large agricultural equipment or livestock. Rain and snow run off quickly, and plenty of natural light can enter. Robust steel construction means our skillion farm shed withstands all kinds of weather - from scorching summer heat to snow and hail.

Features of Local Shed
Solutions Farm Sheds

  • 100% Australian steel & materials
  • COLORBOND® cladding
  • Engineered for a lifetime of use
  • Australian standards compliant
  • Adjustable height, span, and roof pitches to optimise space
  • Easy-to-assemble kit form
  • The best farm sheds you can buy!

Farm Shed Prices

From budget-friendly to high-end, we have a vast collection of farm and rural sheds that can be customised to meet the needs of any agricultural business or rural properties.

With heights up to 9 metres and flexible dimensions for bay sizes and sheeting material options, you'll get the most out of every dollar spent with us - the perfect shed for your needs!

Things to Consider When
Buying a Farm Shed

  • Usability and access: farm sheds are designed for specific uses: machinery storage, hay shed, or dairy shed, so choose the most suitable for your needs.
  • Materials: farm sheds can be built using different materials, Local Shed Solutions works with both BlueScope and COLORBOND®
  • Budget: farm sheds can range from low cost to expensive depending on size, material, and design. If you have specific measurements and requirements for the shed please request a free quote from our team.
  • Maintenance: farm sheds require regular maintenance to ensure they remain in good condition and withstand the elements.

At Local Shed Solutions, we understand that farm sheds can play a pivotal role in your farm operations. So we offer a full range of farm sheds, materials, sizes and designs to fit any budget and needs.


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Why Choose Our Local
Shed Solutions?

  • We're a local family company with a 60+ year heritage. We use Australian steel and other local materials - and manufacture in Melbourne!
  • Our proven site-specific engineered steel building designs or custom shed designs guarantee the best results. Our design team will finalise the manufacturing drawings and oversee the fabrication of your shed in our superior-quality manufacturing facility.
  • We manufacture our Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS), Universal Beam (UB) sub-frames, columns and rafters - no outsourcing! Our 30+ local staff control quality and lead times.
  • Laser cutting of connection plates plus direct welding to RHS or UB columns results in unrivalled strength and a precision finish.
  • Column and rafter structures come with wall and roof cleats that bolt to high-strength laser-cut plates with millimetre precision for superior strength.
  • Our Australian made BlueScope steel and COLORBOND® materials are the best on the market.
  • LSS farm sheds are easy to install and assemble. Each shed comes with an easy-to-follow assembly guide - specific to each site.
  • Customers receive the best quality ongoing customer service and technical support. We ensure you're 100% satisfied from start to finish!
  • We have a reliable network of 40+ local registered builders across Victoria and NSW.

Need a farm shed tailored to your needs - you're in safe hands with Local Shed Solutions: superior quality, unbeatable design and fantastic value!