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About Local Shed Solutions

Local Shed Solutions are a Victorian based company with over 60 + years’ experience in the steel manufacturing sector. We take pride in our experience in the steel fabrication industry, allowing us to create innovative designs, with a focus on outstanding quality and service.

We are an experienced team who work closely with qualified builders, engineers and fabricators to bring the best product and customer service from start to finish.

Specialising in RHS & structural steel fabrication, we can deal with all jobs and have a network of distributors in various locations, serving customers in the agricultural, farming, machinery sectors & domestic housing market.

Our kit industrial sheds are manufactured from premium BlueScope Steel so you can be confident you are investing in a strong and durable product. Utilising steel with cladding in ZINCLAUME® or COLORBOND®, gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

All buildings are supplied in kit form or fully erected on site by our experienced builders.

Check out the Local Shed Solutions build range:

Rural Sheds
Custom Sheds
Skillion Roof Sheds
Sheds, Garages & Carports